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Making powerful connections to living beings is in our biology. Our ranch programs change the lives of some of the most vulnerable amongst us including young adults with autism and other special needs. Animals can ease challenges and build skills for individuals with special needs as well as those with anxiety and depression. According to research, animal connections can have benefits for even the most withdrawn and distracted humans.  When you partner with ELSA, you literally transform the lives of the most vulnerable amongst us. 

ELSA is a 501(c) non profit organization.

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When you partner with ELSA, you give horses a second chance, a new life, a meaningful job. Horses are the hub of interaction during ELSA's ranch programs serving youth and young adults diagnosed with autism, related disorders and other special needs.

GIVE because YOU CARE! We have six dedicated horses on ELSA's equine staff: Freddy, Rudy, Jimmy, Oreo, Riley and Chase. We love our horses and in turn they loves their jobs. Our programs depend on our horses being healthy & good partners. You give them that opportunity because donations make it possible to carry on this labor of love.

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